Grants were issued in Tokyo: NIS 850,000 for a gold medal


The grants of the Tokyo Olympic Committee: NIS 850,000 for gold, 680,000 for silver
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As part of the Olympic delegation’s retaliation strategy, the Olympic Committee in Israel set the level of incentives to be awarded to the medal winners in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In addition, at the end of each competition season, athletes are rewarded with significant grants for success in pre-determined goal competitions.

For the Olympic gold medal, the Olympic Committee will distribute a total of grants totaling NIS 850 (of which NIS 500,000 to the athlete and NIS 250,000 to the coach); NIS for coach) and for the bronze medal, grants totaling NIS 425,000 (NIS 250,000 for athlete and NIS 125,000 for coach) will be awarded.

The amounts earmarked for grants for winning Olympic medals in Tokyo 2020 are the same as those promised to athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A team of three to four athletes will receive 50 percent of the incentive level for each. Individual sports teams of 5 athletes and above will receive 40 percent of the incentive level for each.

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In addition, the Olympic Committee decided to upgrade the amount of grants to athletes who will reach Olympic finals compared to grants in Rio 2016.

The Israeli baseball team has a grant of NIS 1 million for winning a gold medal, NIS 800,000 for winning a silver medal and NIS 500,000 for a bronze medal. The amount will be distributed equally to each team member, which includes 24 players and 9 staff members.

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