Google Stadia “free”? Yes, but currently only for Pro accounts


In the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about Google Stadia for free – or “free” -, even going so far as to think that the new profile could arrive next February 19, or exactly three months from sending the first invitation codes to access Google Stadia.

In fact, as we all know, the 3 month free trial will expire on February 19th. In these hours Google confirms that the free profile of Google Stadia exists, but which will only be available in the coming months, when it is not known yet, and which will initially be the preserve of only the Pro profiles.

What happens with the games given away if you do not renew your subscription to Google Stadia

The good news is that all users who took the “Founders Edition“Will be able to switch to use the account for free at the end of the three-month trial. As a spokesman for the US company says, “if a player decides not to renew their membership in Stadia Pro, they will lose access to the games and discounts offered exclusively to Pro subscribers, but will be able to continue playing the games purchased and will have access to the Stadia shop to purchase additional games“.

All purchased games therefore remain available as they become the gifts given are inaccessible, strictly related to your account therefore not available until a paid Pro account is activated again.

In fact, this is what Google reports about it:

“If your Stadia Pro membership expires, you lose access to the required free games. When you reactivate your subscription, you recover access to the required free games with your saved data unchanged. “

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