Giorgetti’s road map for the shoulder


Government of purpose and then to the vote in 2021: Giorgetti's road map for the shoulder

With you how much will he still be willing to be worn out by Renzi? And then: you are sure that the so-called responsible of Come on Italy, friends of Mara Carfagna, are they so many and do the crutch to a Giallorossi government thus condemning itself forever to political death? ».

Government, battle over the refugees. The premier tries to split Iv. Renzi: «If he fails, he jumps»

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Government, the hunt for 15 perpetrators between advances and doubts, but they: «Only case by case support»

Behind these rhetorical questions circulating in the upper floors of the League there is the “wait-and-see” strategy of those who still see a turn of events in this legislature: a “super government” against this “ruler” that lasts “at most a year, the time to make the electoral law and those two or three things that are needed to put the accounts in order before returning to the vote ».

The idea, long cradled and dusted off in these hours, is by Giancarlo Giorgetti, number two of the League and right (and left) arm of Matteo Salvini.

In via Bellerio they are convinced that the rift between the premier and Matteo Renzi is irremediable and that, if the times and the actors converge on the same line, it could lead to a sensational turnaround. Or rather: “Shoulder”. It is a matter of making a series of (complicated but not impossible) additions: Italia Viva, plus the Lega, plus Forza Italia, wider layers of M5S who do not want to go back to the vote knowing that with the cut of parliamentarians they would no longer be re-elected.
Former government representatives of the Carroccio who are reasoning with «G.G.» (as they call it in chats) in this plan they also include Giorgia Meloni in the team. Although, contacted by Il Messaggero, the leader of the Brothers of Italy makes it known that for us “if Conte falls, there is only one vote: we are the only coherent force in this parliament. We will never go with Renzi, as we never went with the grillini ».

Public resistance, and therefore known, to the League from where, however, they reply as follows: “The alternative could be a mess that lasts another three years or the prospect of a government that will bring the country to the vote in a year”.

Salvini, who is reported in a large literature to have a direct line with Matteo Renzi, still experiences this scenario with many doubts. Because he understands the risks and because he fears that Meloni himself can take advantage of this move to differentiate himself and continue to grow in a mirror-like manner to the League.

In order not to know how to read or write in these hours, all channels have been reactivated with the parliamentarians of the Movement, especially the senators who “get by” in this majority and who for months have regretted the yellow-green alliance and to whom everything is fine as long as it is not vote.

In reading the signs to the tormented world of Grillino there is also the praise of Giorgetti, on the pages of Corriere della Sera, for the foreign policy put in place by Luigi Di Maio. The second caress in a few weeks: “Luigi is not an opportunist,” said the former undersecretary of Palazzo Chigi not even a month ago. Here, what would the Movement do in front of this possibility? And Davide Casaleggio, master of Rousseau? In fact, many have not missed the thrust of Gianroberto’s son who in the M5S looks at the “reformists of Craxian memory”. The situation is fluid and nobody likes the “desert” of three years of opposition.

Meanwhile, waiting to read the developments of the events, Giorgetti in front of the foreign press has sent a series of relaxing messages towards Europe, that of the markets and the political one in Brussels. Messages that, hope the leaders of the League, also bounce back to the Hill. But who would then be the glue of this super government of purpose? “The name is found,” insists who spoke to “Giancarlo” yesterday afternoon. Objective: not to reveal the cards too much.


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