Galatasaray reaction from Fenerbahce Rodrigues: I’m sorry | Fenerbahce news


Garry Rodrigues, who was injured before the Ankaragücü match in Fenerbahçe and expected to stay away from the fields for at least 3 weeks, shared a flash after criticizing him on social media.

Reacting to the claims that he was not “knowingly playing” in the Galatasaray match, Rodrigues said, “The false accusations and comments that I will miss due to my injury do not reflect the truth. Also, I am sad and I cannot match these accusations to myself. I want to be ready to contribute. ” used expressions.

Garry Rodrigues, who Fenerbahçe added to his squad at the beginning of the season, could not play in the first half Galatasaray match due to his injury.

The salary of Fabrice N'Sakala from Fenerbahçe has been announced!

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