Galatasaray Party came to Alanya


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Ziraat Turkey Cup quarter-final first leg tomorrow will be Aytemiz Alanyaspor guest Galatasaray came to Antalya’s Alanya district.A group of fans welcomed the yellow-red convoy, which came to Gazipaşa Alanya Airport by private plane.

Coach Fatih Terim was also interested in two fans with disabilities waiting at the airport exit. The yellow-red technical man who took a souvenir photo with the fans, left the airport with a special vehicle accompanied by the “Emperor Fatih Terim” cheers.

The party then moved on to the hotel, where the fans would stay in the team bus accompanied by the cheer. Yellow-red people were greeted with flowers at the hotel.

The yellow-red team will face Aytemiz Alanyaspor at the Bahçeşehir Schools Stadium at 20:30 tomorrow.

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