Ftse Mib: bearish with no escape. Upcoming targets


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Ftse Mib

The Ftse Mib reacted decisively from the intraday lows, confirming a strength already expressed in the last few days.

Red light for the European stock exchanges which, after rising in the last two sessions, have lost ground today, moving at different speeds.

The Ftse100 fell by 1.09%, while the Cac40 and Dax30 defended themselves much better, with a decrease of 0.19% and 0.03% respectively.

Fte Mib: an upward trend in Europe

In contrast, Piazza Affari was the only one to close the positive exchanges between the main European stock exchanges.
The Ftse Mib finished trading at 24.892 points, on the intraday highs, up 0.12%, after hitting an intraday low at 24.588 points.

The index started trading down, but after the 24,600 area test it gave rise to a recovery that led him not only to zero the initial losses, but also to veer into slightly positive territory.

A good sign of strength for the Ftse Mib that managed to absorb the profit taking started this morning after the good rise in recent days.

An ascent which, however, seems destined to continue and already in the next few hours we could witness the test of 25,000 points, beyond which the Ftse Mib will continue towards the 25,450 / 25,500 points before and later in the direction of the 26,000 area, with possible extensions up to towards 26,200 points in the short term.

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