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Pesaro, February 14, 2020 – Festival Fortitudo. In the last quarter final of Italian Cup, Antimo Martino’s Fortitudo Pompea Bologna beats Brescia 76-73, in the blaze biancobl├╣. The Vitrifrigo Arena looks a lot like PalaDozza, with i Bolognese fans who stormed her to celebrate Effe ‘s return to Italian Cup Final Eight.

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Many wanted to be present for the challenge against Brescia to incite Mancinelli and his companions, with annex choreography and goliardic banner against the Brescian president Graziella Bragaglio. Brescia and Fortitudo start a challenge with a low score, with Brescia his defensive force but with Fortitudo that replies blow for blow.

Starting coach Antimo Martino relies on Fantinelli, Robertson, Aradori, Leunen and Sims, rotating during the 9-element challenge and getting points off the bench only by Mancinelli and an excellent Cinciarini. First quarter game always point to point with Aradori and Sims to counter the Brescia attack: at the first stop 17-17. The inertia of the challenge does not change in the second half, with Brescia extending up to 26-22 but Fortitudo closing in crescendo. At the interval Lombard forward 34-33.

At the recovery of the game Brescia tries, slowly to stretch. At 26 ‘the triple of Lansdowne launches the formation of Esposito forward 48-41. Brescia lengthens until 56-48, but the the final it’s all from Effe, which goes back to -3 on the Cinciarini lay-up with the end of quarter siren. At 36 ‘is again perfect parity on 64-64. A mini-supplement begins. Cinciriani’s free basket is worth the 66-69 advantage of Fortitudo on 37 ‘. Sims signs the +5 on 66-71. There triple of Fantinelli send Brescia back to -5 at 39 ‘. Brescia returns to -1 to 21 “from the end, but does not tremble Fantinelli’s hand which makes 2 out of 2 from the line and gives the semifinal to Effe. Tomorrow L’Aquila will challenge Brindisi who in the other defeated Sassari 91-86.

Fortitudo Brescia Italian Cup, the match report

GERMANI BRESCIA: Vitali 14, Horton 6, Abass 10, Moss 7, Cain 4; Sacchetti 8, Lansdowne 15, Laquintana 6, Zerini 3, Trice; Guariglia ne, Veronesi ne. All Esposito.
POMPEA FORTITUDO BOLOGNA: Fantinelli 11, Robertson 2, Aradori 16, Leunen 7, Sims 17; Cinciarini 14, Mancinelli 9, Stipcevic, Daniel, Dellosto ne. Att. Martino.
Referees: Begnis, Lo Guzzo, Borgioni.
Notes: Partial 17-17, 33-34, 56-53.
Throws for two: Brescia 20/36; Fortitudo 18/31. Throws of three: 7/27; 5/13. Free throws: 12/14; 25/31. Rebounds: 35; 35.

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