For the first time in Africa: Corona virus first diagnosed in Egypt


Egypt confirmed last Friday that a first case of Corona virus was detected in its territory. According to a statement from the state health ministry, it is a foreign citizen who, upon diagnosis, was hospitalized. It was also reported that the case was brought to the attention of the World Health Organization and that all necessary contraceptives were taken. This is the first case in which a virus was discovered on the African continent.

Dr. Khalid Mujahad, health minister’s adviser and spokesperson for the ministry, made it clear that the ministry was able to discover the first patient through the ministry’s prevention program. This is an electronic system for registering and tracking travelers arriving in Israel from countries where the virus was discovered.

Another case of corona virus infection was also discovered in Thailand, the country’s Ministry of Health reported that as a result of this case, the number of patients in Thailand rose to 34.

The World Health Organization said in the coming week that a team would work with China to investigate the outbreak of the virus. According to the CEO of the organization, Dr. Tadros Adhnum Grabhisus, the investigation will focus on how the virus is spreading and the severity of the disease. In addition, the investigation will also examine additional details such as how, where and when more than 1,700 health workers were infected with the new virus.

The management of the Disneyland site in Hong Kong has agreed to lend the government free space in the park so they can set up a closure facility. According to the government, 60 dunams of the site, reserved for expanding the amusement park, will be used, so that residents who are “stuck” in China can be returned because of the virus. About 2,000 Hong Kong residents are stuck in Hubei Province and 10 are infected with the Corona virus.

Wangangi State Council member, who also serves as China’s foreign minister, said some countries have reacted excessively to the outbreak of the virus. He said the states only created unnecessary panic. “We used all contraceptives and controlled the effect,” Wang said. “Efforts are so comprehensive that I can’t see any other country that can do that.”

This morning, the National Health Commission said there were 2,641 cases of the last day Corona virus, and 143 deaths. The total number of infections is 66,493 people. At present, about 55,749 patients are being treated, while 1,523 people died from the epidemic, which broke out in the Hubei Province capital, Wuhan, in December.

China’s health ministry said six medical personnel have died as a result of the virus, and 1,716 have been infected. It was also reported that the number of infected medical teams was increasing over time. China’s hospitals have repeatedly warned that there is a great lack of equipment used to protect against infection, and the main shortcoming is in face masks.

Also, the Chinese government announced tonight that all Beijing residents returning to the city, after returning from Chinese holidays, should isolate themselves at home for 14 days or risk punishment, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Hundreds of cases have been registered in more than 20 countries and territories outside China, and Japan is one of the most severely affected countries. The first victim in the country was a woman about 80, who lived in a nearby Kanagawa district of Tokyo. This is the third case of death from the disease outside the People’s Republic – after deaths in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Tokyo decision makers have decided to step up diagnosis and containment efforts after the death, as well as infections from other patients, including a doctor and a taxi driver.

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