Following the heavy penalty: Guardiola’s future and the top players questioned – World Football


Manchester United’s UEFA heavy penalty tonight, which includes a two-year suspension from the Champions League starting next season, has generated a wave of guesswork and rumors about the future of the club, its coach, Pep Guardiola and his senior players. In England, Sheikh Mansour may sell the club, as well as senior players leaving him, and probably Guardiola himself.

The question of what will happen to Pep is probably the key question, as the Champions League for him is the main thing, as well as the attempts to win it – something he has not done since 2011. If he decides to leave, City may break away from its assets, senior players will leave and others may not want to reach a team that even You will not play in the European league. If Pep stays, things will look different. British betting agencies are referring to Oricio Puccettino as a potential player if Pep leaves, and against Juventus and Bayern Munich as teams that the Spanish coach can go to and is happy to sign him this summer.

Meanwhile, England opens the race for fifth place – which will lead to the Champions League next year if the punishment remains. Currently Sheffield United is in it, but quite a few teams, such as Manchester United, are close to it. “Manchester red, there was and will remain,” mocked United fans over the city rival.

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