First year hike 12.84%


After reaching an agreement with two unions in the metal industry over a 25 percent annual wage increase, an agreement was also reached in the collective agreement negotiations for the cement industry. The end of the collective bargaining negotiations with the big companies of the sector in food has also come to an end.


In the cement sector, the Cement Industry Employers’ Association (CEIS) with Cimsa-Turkey Business Association continued between 2020 to 2021 period ended collective bargaining agreement. As a result of the negotiations carried out for approximately 7 thousand workers in a total of 64 plants, a hike in the rate of CPI + 1 and CPI in the second year was adopted. Accordingly, the first year hike will be 12.84 percent. Within the scope of social assistance, it has been agreed to pay TL 460 per month in the first year with an increase of 15 percent, and TL 515 monthly in the second year with an increase of 12 percent.


In the metal sector, two-year collective agreement negotiations between Türk Metal and Öz Çelik-İş, which represent 123 thousand out of 130 thousand workers, resulted in a 25.5 percent annual hike agreement on wages. However, after the United Metal announced that it would not accept the agreement and would go on strike, discussions started. Turkish Metal President Pevrul Kavlak said, “We asked for a 20 percent hike in hourly wages during the meetings, we received 17 percent. This is a revolution. We got 20 percent of social rights. We’ve received improvements for low-paid members. This contract is the success of Türk Metal. United Metal (UN) and Öz Çelik-İş Union Presidents also came there after we got to a point. United Metal President contributed by moving the social rights to 17 percent from 17 percent at the table. Our aim was for 3 unions to conclude this contract together. However, the UN gave up at the last moment in a way that we did not know why. In fact, UN President Adnan Serdaroğlu made statements about how good the deal was, and later announced that they would not sign. Now he is in strike process. ”

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