fifteen children died, including newborn victims


Fifteen children died in Haiti because of a fire burst into a orphanage in the municipality of Kenscoff. This was announced by a local judge, Raymonde Jean Antoine. The orphanage, which was no longer authorized to remain open since 2013, it housed over sixty children.

The fire, reports the portal ‘Haiti Libre’, broke out in the orphanage of the church ‘Understanding of the Bible’ which is located in the Fermathe area, in the western region of Haiti. Among the victims, announced the general director of the Haitian Institute of Social Welfare and Research (Ibesr), Arielle J. Villedroin, there are even some babies trapped in the flames before the rescuers arrived. For his part Raymonde Antoine Jean, Justice of the Peace of Kenscoff, said that from the first elements that emerged from the investigations, everything suggests that the fire in the orphanage had an accidental origin.This consideration did not, however, prevent the emergence of controversy. Quoted from the newspaper Le Nouvelliste, a Haitian civil protection officer, Jean-Fran ‡ ois Robenty, criticized the fact that the rescue arrived on the spot only one hour after the fire was reported. “The first team – said Robenty – arrived by motorbike and without any equipment”.

Last updated: Friday 14 February 2020, 23:38


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