Fatih Terim: My right is halal


Fatih Terim, who first evaluated the match, said: “I am entitled to be halal, both to the fans and to the players. If they have me, they should be halal. I will not talk about some things in the first game, the second game, I will wait for the voice of our community. We played the match Sunday, our opponent played Saturday. I drove the same team on the field, they came out with 5 changes. Despite that, I congratulate my players for putting characters on it. ” said.

Terim criticizing the referee management, “Do not look at 90 minutes, look at 180 minutes. In the last game, Ali Şansalan has a yellow card incident, you know. A foul at 40 minutes, I don’t want to talk about those issues anyway. I pointed to the halftime. I made a few changes, not only in the player, but also in the game and we saw that we are on the right track. Sometimes you play very well, you can not get results. The fans do not worry, we are aware of everything about the team, we solve it among themselves. Let them know that we are aware of everything and not worry about a person who has given 50 years. ” used expressions.

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