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The children’s band ‘Childlike’ appeared on the entertainment program ‘Land of Great’ and performed the song ‘He is entitled’ in honor of Prime Minister Netanyahu • MK Mickey Zohar who participated in the program, told the children at the end of “Me that you persuaded” • View

The popular children’s band ‘Childlike’ appeared on Channel 12’s satire program on Channel 12 on Wednesday, along with comedian Hanoch Daum and performed in honor of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the big hit ‘He is entitled’ by Benny Elbaz as Shas chairman Aryeh Deri during his trial in the 1990s.

The section also featured MK Likud MK Micah Zohar, who was asked to sing along with the children of the ‘Childish’ the anthem ‘He is entitled’ as part of an opening interview for Daum. Zohar refused the request, but told the children at the end, “You convinced me.”

In recent years, Childlike has become the most sought-after children’s TV show in Israel with a memorable performance in honor of US President Donald Trump on the occasion of the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem, former Labor Party chairman Avi Gabay, and now, as mentioned, in honor of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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