Enclose the Jordan: On the return of Shoa


“The case is behind us”, so in two words yesterday Maccabi Haifa coach Marco confused the Jordan Shoa saga, which came to an end with the striker’s return to training on Sunday. Then, the coach had to add to the protocol that there are norms and must adhere to, but he also knows that this time, even if she is not the last, there was something else.

On Sunday, confusion and rumor entered one room in Kfar Galim for a conversation with four eyes. For anyone familiar with the club, it was a kind of sigh of relief because “it’s not the kind of thing that often happens in confusion.” The contents of the conversation are unknown, but around the two reported that all the sediment first came out of the room, and each one took out what he had in his stomach – and there was quite a bit. The results of the call were not late. In fact, the buds were coming out already.

“I want extra training,” asked Shuva, and no one on the professional team, of course, argued. After almost a week without training due to suspension and confiscation of training by him, Shuha also wanted to show that he was changing direction. It’s not over. The apartment rented for the Carmel striker was first opened after a long period and the player remains in Haifa to be ready for training this morning. It was one of the requests for confusion from the 20-year-old talent from the start of the season, and the explanation was that it was difficult to arrive late to Tel Aviv and already in the morning to climb the coast road again on the way to training.

This point, according to people in the club, indicates an attempt to change access. Confusion got rid of the ego and talked to a rumor, while the latter finally felt personal and wanted to return, even if things seemed elemental to a professional player.

“Quiet equals results”

“When Jordan feels good, he returns twice,” said his teammates, who added: “He was good, he looked smiling, laughed, but also practiced great and saw a change. Jordan is not a player who can hide his emotions, everything is reflected in the pitch , for better and for worse”.

Haifa’s management, including club president Yaakov Shahar, were happy about the news. Dawn did not like the confusion about the young star, who only invested NIS 6 million a year ago, and he wanted to see this story come to an end. The road less interested him. Dawn, for him, conveyed a clear and clear message that he has all the professional conditions to make much more than the player who a year ago drove the Carmel with his signature. The rest of the professional team also straightened up and everything calmed down, at least for now.

Shua will be on the roster tonight for a match against Hapoel TA. The plan is to give him significant minutes, to continue in the direction of the Betar of Jerusalem next week and to slowly bring him back to business. The striker promised to train seriously and not miss training, confusion promised a new leaf and the quiet returned to Kfar Galim. Haifa are convinced: “Quiet is also worth the results.” That looks like tonight.

In the lineup for the Reds game, Australian brake Trent Sainsbury will return to 11, as will defender Ernest Mabuka. In the up front, confusion will get back to Dolv Hizza midfielder returning from an injury that caused him to be absent in the last two games. “The games against the worker have always been strong and difficult, we will come forever,” he concluded.

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