Dream Friday: 77:78 Dramatic for Maccabi Tel Aviv on Penerbahcha


(Photo: GETTY) (Photo: Sport 5)
(Photo: GETTY)|Photo: sport 5

Above all imagination. In a game that had it all: key player injuries, Danny Abadiah’s career record, a significant number of upheavals and, above all, a brilliant outing and a basket of victory in the final second of the game – Maccabi Tel Aviv returned with a prestigious win, 77:78 against Penerbahcha, In doing so, her coach, Janis Safropoulos, secured a double victory over Jeliko Overdovich this season.

Scroll to Penerbahcha: Derrick Williams 22 pts, Kostas Slukas 18 pts, Nicola Kalinich 18 pts, Jan Wesley 12 pts, Lao Westerman 3 pts, Nando DeColo and James Nunali 2 pts. Score for Maccabi Tel Aviv: Othello Hunter and Danny Abadia 13 pts, Jackson Jackson 12 pts, Quincy Acey 11 pts, Angelo Colvoyaru 8 pts, Tyler Dorsey 8 pts, Eliza Bryant 7 pts, Amara Stodmeyer and Jake Cohen 2 pts.

When Scotty Wilbkin came back from injury and could play, just moments before the tackle, many of the yellow fans felt relieved. The big star is back, there is someone to trust – but no such scenario was expected. Wilbkin does share a few minutes, but still looks rusty. In his absence, whoever took the place was Arkon Jackson (who was in doubt for the game as well). Haggard, who was injured during the game and return, finished with 12 points and was one of the most prominent in the win.

Like Jackson, Quincy Acey, who was excellent in his minutes on the parquet, was injured – but unlike his teammate, he never returned to parquet. But Maccabi of this season, it’s a different story. The one who was there throughout most of the stages of the race, the one who forgot the shortcomings of the others, was precisely Danny Abadia – the same boy who was not counted at the start of the Euroleague season. The Yellows prospect provided an excellent game that included tremendous dunk, important threes, and a 13-point bureaucratic career record – and undoubtedly, was the story of this game. Well, at least until Hunter’s huge basket of victory, the same basket that promised Maccabi a quiet, smiling ride home.

The truth? Alongside dealing with great injuries and appearances, the Maccabi Tel Aviv coach also had quite a bit of weight in tonight’s win. When the win seemed to run away to the yellows and the Turks had a point advantage, four seconds into the game, the coach took time out and asked the media teams not to take pictures. And the Greek coach knew exactly what he was doing. A great outside drill, which surprised the Turks very much, was in the hands of Othello Hunter, who finished well in the closing seconds and gave the win to the Yellows.

The Yellows conclude another successful Euroleague week that included a pair of victories on a missing roster, but they are already face-to-face. The Yellows will now get a week off from the league due to the Cup deadline, and two weeks off from the Euroleague. Then they will face a meeting with Maccabi Rashab in the Hall (16.2), when at the end of that surprising Valencia wait in the Euroleague (21.2). In the meantime, take a breather and relax for another great evening by Maccabi Tel Aviv.

the progress of the game
Quarter 1:
The game opens at a high pace, with both teams scoring from side to side. As the quarter progressed, the Turks escaped a little mainly with burst attacks, but good offensive ability from the Yellows, in the possession of Hunter and Jackson, kept the gap to a minimum.

Quarter 2:
The second quarter opened much more convincingly in terms of guests. With a wonderful dunk and then a three-pointer by Danny Abadia, it was Maccabi who led Maccabi in the second quarter. Jackson also continued in good form when he finished half with 12 points. On the other hand, Penerbakhce continued to punish.

A huge victory for Maccabi Tel Aviv. (GETTY) (Photo: Sport 5)
A huge victory for Maccabi Tel Aviv. (GETTY)|Photo: sport 5

Quarter 3:
Early in the quarter, Abadia got into a foul problem, and Jackson was injured soon after. Penerbahchee took advantage of the putt and ran away to lead 6. But Quincy Acey was the one to take the reins and lead the Yellows to a 0: 9 run. But unfortunately for the yellows, Icy was also injured and went down to the locker room. However, the advantage remains with the guest.Quarter 4:
A strong defense of Maccabi, along with the terrible sins of the Turks, allowed the Yellows to run with 0: 7 to maintain a slightly higher lead as it was in most stages of the game. But from this situation there was a turnaround. While the Turks missed nonstop, they managed to rise to a 4-second lead at the end of the game. Colliero’s brilliant outing came in the hands of Hunter, who finished with a basket of victory.

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