Domenica In, Achille Lauro replies Selvaggia Lucarelli: “Weak song? But I didn’t want to win Sanremo”


Achille Lauro is the moral winner of the Sanremo 2020 festival, despite the eighth place finish. Her I do not care represented in four different ways it had the effect hoped for by the artist, reaching the audience like a punch to the stomach. Who is completely split between those who love him and consider him brilliant and those who despise him. Guest of Mara Venier to Sunday In, Achille Lauro give a curtain with Selvaggia Lucarelli. The latter states that “you brought a weak song” and the Roman singer turns it off by replying: “But I didn’t want to win the Festival”. His intent was clear: to discuss by bringing a hymn to freedom of thought and living. This time Lucarelli seemed a little out of place and forced into criticism, so much so that she was turned off by Achille Lauro.

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