Coronavirus, six doctors die: working conditions in China


    <h2>Protective suits and masks are missing, while some doctors don't have time to go to the bathroom</h2>


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    <p>A week from <strong>death of the doctor</strong> who first alerted the epidemic from <strong>coronavirus</strong>, rise to <strong>you are the victims among the doctors</strong>. There are 1,716 people infected with healthcare, or 3.8% of the total in the country.

Deputy Minister and member of the National Health Commission, Zeng Yixin, explained that 1,102 health workers were infected in Wuhan alone. The other 400 always fell ill in the province of Hubei.

Coronavirus, six doctors dead: working conditions

Meanwhile, controversy erupts over the working conditions faced by doctors in China. As Agi says, in fact, the health workers were forced to assist patients without masks or protective suits.

The doctors, in fact, would have reused the suits already used instead of replacing them regularly.

Some doctors, in addition to not having enough replacement suits, would not even have time to go to the bathroom and would be forced to work with the diaper.

“Doctors of all specialties are called to receive 400 patients in eight hours,” explained a doctor to the AFP. “Colleagues”, in this period of time, “cannot eat, drink or go to the bathroom”.

59,900 suits would be needed each day, but Wuhan’s doctors and nurses have only 18,500 suits, as vice mayor Hu Yabo revealed. The situation is not very different with regard to masks N95. Faced with a need of 119 thousand a day, doctors have only 62,200 available.

In China, meanwhile, some research they revealed how coronavirus resists the human body. In Italy the expectation for the return of the 17 year old got stuck in Wuhan.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 14-02-2020 17:35

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