Coronavirus, new discovery: isolated strains in patient’s stool


    <h2>Studies from two different laboratories in China have shown that coronavirus survives in the human intestine</h2>


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    <p>Some strains of the <strong>coronavirus</strong> Covid-19 would have been isolated in the laboratory from samples of <strong>feces</strong> of infected patients. According to the ANSA, some of the most authoritative Chinese scientists in the field of coronavirus research, the prof. Zhao Jincun of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease of Guangzhou Medical University.

Coronavirus, isolated strains in the stool: the consequences of the discovery

The strains would have been isolated in two different laboratories, which worked on five different samples in parallel. The new discovery would show that coronavirus can survive in theintestine human.

Wu Nanping, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, said: “We have made some discoveries in the laboratory, which still need further confirmation from epidemiologists.”

“Further research on levels of will also be needed infectivity of the virus – continued Nanping – to understand whether the presence of the latter in the stool is the consequence of oral ingestion or proliferation in intestinal cells. New investigations will also be needed on the relationship of the virus in the stool with blood or saliva particles and the onset and development of diseases. ”

Coronavirus, the world situation

Meanwhile, China has announced that there are 1380 victims of coronavirus, 108 less than what was reported in the latest update.

Also new for passengers on the Diamond Princess, the cruise ship stuck in the waters of Yokohama: a first group landed after the tests were negative.

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