Coronavirus, Italian with fever forced to stay in China. All the others are coming. The airlift for tourists started


It is the day of departures and arrivals in an atmosphere that seems almost like a war. He landed shortly after 6 at the airport in Fiumicino, from Taipei, the first flight of the China Airlines (CI75) operated with an Airbus A350 for the repatriation of Chinese tourists. The announcement of the launch, starting today, of the airlift to and from China, was given yesterday by the extraordinary Commissioner for the coronavirus emergency Angelo Borrelli. Meanwhile, the plane with the Italians stranded in Wuhan left in the middle of the night, a little late compared to the initial roadmap, and is expected to arrive at home in the morning. According to reports from several compatriots left in the outbreak city of the epidemic, in addition to the Italians, other foreigners were leaving during the evacuation phase. One of the Italians who was due to leave was unable to board the plane bound for Rome because he had a fever. International health protocols prohibit those who show symptoms that could be traced back to boarding coronavirus, for the protection of other passengers. The compatriot, diplomatic sources assure, is closely followed by medical staff, from the embassy and the Chinese Foreign Ministry. The Farnesina Crisis Unit is in close contact with the family.

Upon arrival, the Italians will find military camp tents which were set up in the airport while it was set up inside a hangar the equipment for the first medical checks and a bio-containment tent has also been prepared, ready for any emergency. Although, at the moment, no Italian, among those on the way back appears to have been infected. Upon their arrival the compatriots will be transferred to an ad hoc structure, at the Olympic Center of the military city of the Cecchignola, in the southern district of the capital. It is here that the Italians on their return will spend 14 days in quarantine.

For the Italians who have been stuck in the city of Wuhan, a nightmare has almost ended. But there are also many scattered throughout China, and not in the Hubei region, the hub of the emergency, who would like to return to Italy, concerned about the spread of the virus. Exact numbers are not made: at least 500 would have already asked for assistance for the return. And they are working on a solution within the complex plan that the Italian authorities are developing to deal with the coronavirus situation.
On paper, the possibility remains of returning through an indirect flight connection, making a stopover in those international airports whose airlines continue to operate with China, and then continue on to the Italian airports (undergoing the control procedure decided for all travelers coming from that country). But the possibility of using planes that are expected to leave potentially empty from China to repatriate the Chinese is also being studied who have difficulty returning due to the blocking of flights decided by Italy.

China has registered 57 new deaths in the count yesterday, bringing the total to 361: the latest updates from the National Health Commission (NHC) also reported 2,296 new cases of infection, covering 17,205 cases overall. While suspect cases have grown to 21,558 and recoveries to 475. The 361 deaths, announced today by the National Health Commission (NHC), have overcome the deaths of the Acute severe respiratory syndrome (Sars) who made 349 in 2002-03, according to official numbers of the World Health Organization (WHO). At present, the total contagion of the coronavirus is 17,205, more than triple the 5,327 of Sars.
On the first day back to work, there are at least 24 Chinese provinces and municipalitiessuch as Shanghai, Chongqing and Guandong, which instead postponed the recovery of economic and productive activities to no earlier than February 10 for fears of contagion. These are areas that in 2019 weighed more than 80% in terms of contribution to China’s GDP and 90% to exports. Hubei, the heart of the epidemic, will not restart before February 14, unless an “appropriate extension” of the holiday period is required, the People’s Daily wrote on Friday.


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