Coronavirus in the Northeast under control 60 cases


Coronavirus, the latest news on the Chinese virus in Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Coronavirus, fake news: from Chinese food to parcels purchased online

They call them buffered. They are the citizens who – due to cough, fever, breathing difficulties – have undergone a examination health – the so-called tampon – to find out if they have contracted the coronavirus. In Veneto the buffers are few sixties and they are all cases considered doubtful because of people who have returned from China or are in contact with the sick that could spread the infection.

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Among these sixty there is a twenty year old from Belluno who yesterday was hospitalized in the San Martino city hospital for tests: a few days ago he returned from China without presenting any symptoms and had been suggested to stay at home in isolation, except for a certain he began to experience fever and cough. So the hospitalization started and he was examined to find out if it is actually coronavirus or if, instead, it is normal flu, which, moreover, is reaching its peak in these days. The swab was sent to the hospital of Padua, chosen by the region as the Veneto reference center. The Region, however, in these initial phases has decided to send the withdrawals to both Padua and Spallanzani to Rome. So far all swabs – even from a young mom – have been negative.

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As regards the activation times and the procedures for managing the temperature controls at the airports, the Veneto Region has specified that it has received, like all the other Regions, from the national coordination the request to make volunteers available to «measure the fever »To passengers arriving at the airports. The exclusive competence is of the Usmaf (Office of Maritime, Air and Border Health) of the Ministry of Health and it is therefore the Usmaf – specifies a note from Palazzo Balbi – to manage the operating procedures and the activation times of the controls. At the moment, the Veneto has agreed on the availability of the volunteers of the Italian Red Cross who are already operating in the airports of Venice and Verona and today they will also be present in Treviso, coordinated by the USMAF which is completing the organization and procuring the necessary equipment at the airports. . “Regional health – specify at Palazzo Balbi – comes into operation in the event that a passenger is found to be in better health conditions. In this case, the person is taken in charge by the hospital emergency rooms ».

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But more than the coronavirus, for now there are victims – fortunately in Veneto only one according to the Regional Report – from seasonal flu that has so far put 232,900 Venetian citizens to bed, 55,400 of whom contracted it in the week from 27 January to 2 February, for a general incidence of 11.30 cases per thousand inhabitants, lower than the Italian one, attested at 13.18 cases per thousand. The data cited can be found in the latest epidemiological report of the flu surveillance system, prepared by the Region’s Prevention Department. “Our experts said Health Councilor Manuela Lanzarin indicate that the trend of the regional incidence curve shows a trend in line with most of the previous seasons. The incidence is expected to increase further until mid-February, when the peak of the season is expected ».

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