Corona is not new and was present in Saudi Arabia .. Video


Dr. Muhammad said
Eid Al-Dabaa, director of the Abbasid chest hospital. Corona virus is one of the viruses that infects
The respiratory system, discovered many years ago in 1937 and was scattered in
Birds only and then moved to the human 1960’s, which is not a new virus.

Dr. Mohamed followed
Hyena, through his interview on the “Good Morning Egypt” program, which is broadcast on a channel
First Egypt, that the virus has mutated in its current form, but it is not a new virus, and a name
Corona is the Latin name meaning “crown” in Arabic.

It is called the Corona virus
With this name because its cells are coronal in shape, which is that the backs of cells have bumps or heads
They appear in the shape of a sun halo, a rosemary, or a crown of a king.

And the virus appeared several
Once in East Asia, in 2003 it was called “SARS”, then in 2012 it was called
With Middle Eastern syndrome, it spread to Saudi Arabia, while in 2014 it appeared
Corona again and there was a group of cases in Saudi Arabia, but not registered in Egypt, i.e.
Cases since this year until now.

He pointed out that
The virus begins with the appearance of a number of symptoms on the patient, including influenza, its increase and lack
Caring for them leads to severe symptoms and the presence of pneumonia, symptoms of the virus
The primary is a rise in temperature, a runny nose, a sore throat, and aching body
In general, it may cause respiratory failure in some cases.

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