Connor McGregor’s betrayal video leaked to the network


He or not? Connor McGregor’s betrayal video leaked to the network
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The last day one of the most talked about social networks is Irish MMA fighter Connor McGregor. Not because of one or the other fight and not because of a riot or melee involved outside the Octagon, but because of another scandal. On Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, the last day ran a video in which McGregor appears to be sleeping in the bed of another woman who is not enough Devlin his wife.

The video shows a young woman singing to the camera while in the background a sleeping man is seen in her bed. During the video, a young woman brings the camera closer to the same person as she sleeps in her bed, with a close resemblance to the controversial Irish MMA fighter. Due to the poor quality of the video, it is unclear whether this is indeed McGregor; While some surfers are sure he is, others think he is a very similar person. Incidentally, those who thought it was not Irish, claim that some of the tattoos that adorn his body cannot be seen. To date, no response has been received from Connor or anyone around the video.

About a month ago, the 31-year-old fighter returned to the closest upcoming organization, the UFC, where he returned to fight after about a year and a half. He met Donald Saroni, who easily won in the first round, in his first fight since that famous loss to Habib Normgomdov.

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