City will be suspended for two years from the Champions League


The beginning of an articleAbout two weeks before it rises to the grass in Santiago Bernabeu for the Champions League eighth, Manchester City received the worst news this Friday: UEFA decided to suspend the contents of the two-year Champions League (2020/21 season, 2021/22), with a fine For a total of € 30 million, following a violation of financial firefly laws.
Bottom line, the offense is actually a report of false reports to the UEFA. One of the significant offenses attributed to City is inflating sponsorship numbers – when the money itself came from the club’s owner (Ithihad) and not from an outside body. Manchester City could appeal In the High Court of Justice (CAS), in the current situation, assuming the appeal is not accepted, a fifth in the English league will take the place of England’s champion in the Champions League.
“After seeing all the evidence, we found that Manchester City committed serious violations of the Pierre Flair procedures when reporting higher than usual sponsorship profits between 2012 and 2016,” the UEFA official statement said. Action with the European Football Body during the inquest The European exclusion penalty will be valid for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons, and will not affect the City’s European season.

From Citi’s response, you can see that the decision did not fall on them like a thunderstorm on a clear day. “We are disappointed, but not surprised by UEFA’s decision,” they wrote in the official statement. “The club has always hoped to find a body that can take into consideration the evidence supporting City’s position, but this process is flawed and full of trending leaks.”
At the City, UEFA continued to attack its decision: “As early as December 2018, the UEFA chief investigator talked about the impending sanctions – that is, the punishment was set even before the investigation began. This is a case that UEF has filed, she was the prosecutor and the judge. Now that the process is over, the club will appeal to the tribunal. ”
The heavy penalty calls into question Pep Guardiola’s continued employment. The manager, who led City to two consecutive England championships – including a local historic treble last year – is bound by Etihad’s contract until 2021. In England, it has recently been announced that the Catalan manager wants to continue to honor his contract, but now with the severe penalty – things may change.
In terms of UEFA, the organization appears to have shifted in sanctions on firefighting offenses. Previously wealthy clubs such as PSG and Zenit St. Petersburg have been fined tens of millions of euros for presenting unbalanced reports (in terms of revenue and expense). This is Milan, suspended for one year from the European League for similar offenses.

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