Bayern, behind you: Dortmund clings to the top


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Even before Radboll Leipzig and Bayern Munich continue their battle for the Bundesliga summit, Dortmund took another step in narrowing the gaps – when tonight (Friday) 0: 4 defeated Eintracht Frankfurt in a game that opened the 22nd round in the German league.

Dortmund did not make it to her best, and seeing her record two consecutive losses before and even less than seven mandatory goals – but this time she got her star back in recent times, Erling Holland, and now she realizes that, it just looks different. At least as far as the front of the Yellows are concerned, they will meet PSG on Tuesday for the first Champions League eighth game.

Frankfurt, on the other hand, came up with a great fit that included six unbeaten games in all frames – but Dortmund was quick to get the wind out of the sails. The blitz started as early as the 33rd minute, when a schematic ashes found Lukash Fishcheck on the brink of expansion and it captured the first. In the 50th minute, with the opening of the second half, Jaydon Sancho also joined in the celebration with a great extension to a deadly burst.

Think it’s over? no and no. Four minutes later Holland’s turn came to conquer his seventh hair in the yellow uniform, counting five games and only 316 minutes to record this milestone. The dessert was responsible for Rafael Guerrero, who sent a bomb to Frankfurt’s network in the 74th minute and determined the outcome of the game. Dortmund clings to Bayern Munich in second place, Frankfurt begins to lose altitude.

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