Atletico Madrid: against Valencia 2: 2, game summary


After the victory over Granada in the previous cycle, the Colchonros lost twice in the Mastaiya lead and came out with just one point. Yoranta and Partay conquered in favor of the team of Simeone, Gabriel and Condogbia Izzano. 0: 1 to Monaco on Montpellier

The European leagues returned to action tonight (Friday), with Spain registering a formidable clash between Valencia and Atletico Madrid, which ended in a very tumultuous 2: 2 par. At the same time, Monaco hosted Montpellier and recorded a very important 0: 1.Valencia – Atletico Madrid 2: 2
The 24th round of the Spanish League opened tonight with a formidable battle – Atletico Madrid reached Valencia’s famous “Mestea” stadium, with only two points separating the teams before the opening whistle. Only in the past cycle did the Colchonros manage to put an end to the bad momentum passing the team with a small 0: 1 on Granada, with the bats defeating 3-0 at Hatapa.

For tonight’s game, Diego Simeone came up with Vitolo and Angel Correa at the front, while Alvaro Murata, who returned from injury, opened on the bench. Only fifteen minutes into the game, Atletico were able to find the net, with Marcus Yorente taking advantage of a brake from Gabriel and conquered from the five-yard line. The same Gabriel apparently felt that he owed his team and in the 40th minute set 1: 1 in the game, also conquering out of the stretch.

The Colchomers Celebrate at Valencia (JOSE JORDAN / AFP via Getty Images)

For just three minutes, the equalizer held the match until Thomas Partay grabbed a ball in the center of the field and swung his leg from 20 yards to set a great 1: 2. Valencia did not say desperate, and after opening the second half well, she also scored a second goal when Danny Fargo sent a long ball into the extension, and in an unclear way, Jeffrey Condogavia in the 59th minute managed to lead everyone and subdue Jan Obleck. Later in the game, Murata got off the bench and had a huge miss towards the end of the game, which ended with a great 2: 2.

Monaco – Montpellier 0: 1
The 25th round of the French League opened this evening in a game where Monaco hosted Montpellier and won 0: 1 from Islam Slimani’s goal in the 52nd minute. This is the team’s third consecutive win from the Little Princess. Monaco went on to win fifth place in the standings with 38 points as Montpellier dropped to sixth place with 37 points.

In the 38th minute there was a great opportunity for Monaco, when the French scorer Wismam Ben Yader burst a great shot at the goal and kicked from eight yards diagonally to the outside net. The striker who has scored 16 goals so far this season has missed a big miss. In the first half of the first half, another great opportunity for the host, Stavan Jovich, kicked the strong, the top goalie.

Slimani Celebrates Victory Gate (YANN COATSALIOU / AFP via Getty Images)

Monaco opened the second half better and, in the 52nd minute, rose to a 0: 1 lead from Algerian striker Slimani, who received a ball raised by teammate Alexander Golubin. In the 70th minute, almost 0: 2 after a great Timoa kayako kick from Monaco for the goal. The hostess continued to dominate, but Slimani, Ben Yader, and Ballad missed a few more scoring opportunities from winking situations.

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