Annuities, the Senate (ready to restore them) rejects M5s requests from the sender. And he defends Casellati on the conflict of interest


For stick up for the restoration of annuities to 700 former senators, Palazzo Madama brings up the rules, pretending that there is no question of opportunity policy basically the basis of certain choices made. There reply to the notes moved by the M5s, which highlighted the conflict of interest within the commission that decides on pension treatment of the elect, she arrived with a press release from the press office. In short: the body in question is independent, cannot be dissolved and the appointments are indicated by the groups and not by the president Casellati. “A court like the Litigation Commission is autonomous and independent – reads the press release – It cannot be dissolved by authority, nor can it stop its business by virtue of one deliberation which currently does not exist but is only presumed “. The latter reference is to the fact that the “deliberation“Mentioned has not yet been presented, but the next will be made official February 20, as told exclusively by Everyday occurrence in recent days.

The press office of Palazzo Madamahe then tries to reply to the other remarks made by the pentastellates: “A sentence can be shared or not on the merits, it can be criticized but in any case – it is pointed out – it would represent the legitimate conclusion of a method which takes place according to the Regulations. This has always been the case since the original constitution of the organs of autodichia of the Senate “. To read the Senate release, therefore, no forcing or conflicts of interest, contrary to what was stated by the M5s, who spoke of the President’s errors Elisabetta Casellati also in the choice of James Caliendo as the highest representative of the parliamentary body. In this sense, Palazzo Madama he tried to explain why this criticism is unfounded: “Furthermore, it is known to all that the nominations of the President of the Senate regarding the composition of the commission contentious take place in accordance with the directions received by the same parliamentary groups – it is written in the note – while the president the court is elected directly by the same members. This – is still noted in the note – unlike what happens at Room of Deputies where it is the president of the same who appoints the Advice of jurisdiction“.

A passage, the latter, to respond to the accusations made by Primo Di Nicola (M5s): the senator had spoken of Casellati’s mistake in appointing Giacomo Caliendo to lead the litigation as a conflict of interest. The reason? For Di Nicola, Caliendo is restoring an advantageous treatment from which it will directly benefit. Not only. The senator Abruzzo he also asked that only parliamentarians elected from 2013 onwards be nominated within the dispute and, above all, he called for the dissolution of theorgan parliamentary. Otherwise, finally, he made an appeal to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, to intervene to “avoid increasing the discredit that has been investing for decades policy Italian“.

After reply of the Senate press office, Primo Di Nicola reiterated his position: “Sorry to say, but the President of the Senate Casellati does not seem to want to grasp the seriousness of the situation that has arisen in the Litigation Commission which will have to decide on annuities – said the pentastellato member – Il conflict of interest that is overwhelming it is unacceptable, also because it affects the credibility of the whole institution Senate. Its components in conflict of interest should out of dignity resign – he added – And if they do not, it is the duty of the presidency to take control of the situation “. Subsequently, on social networks, the initiative organized by the 5 star movement for next February 15, when at 2 pm in front of the Senate the base will protest against the restoration of annuities. Coaches are also expected to arrive from various regions of Italy for the demonstration in “sardine style”, without the contribution of the national organization of Movement. In fact, the M5s staff explained that they are unaware of the protest that, on Facebook, on the other hand, has already collected thousands of members.


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