An Image That May Belong to the Google Pixel 5 XL Revealed


Google’s expected new flagship Pixel 5 XL is about 8 months to launch, but an image of the device has been released today. The Pixel 5 XL, which should be announced during the event to be held by Google in October, is expected to be available in stores right after the promotion.

New image of the device, officially Pixel 5 XL It is being commented that it marks the beginning of the leak season, and apparently Android fans now have a very exciting phone that they will look forward to.

Google’s phones are never inconvenient It is a fact that everyone knows now and this includes not only all Pixel devices so far, but also the Nexus devices that came before them. In Pixel 3 and 4, Google had made many deficiencies before publicity, as is known. This was because Google validated the phone’s design before releasing the phone.

google pixel 5 xl

It is said that the new device will have almost the same structure as the Pixel 4. Back panel to three camera sensors Let’s add that the comments of users who are curious about the device, which is seen to be equipped with a U-shaped module, are positive. In this sense, Google seems to have already met expectations.

Feedbacks from users are important for the company:

google pixel 5 xl

Google’s next device, possibly taking into account media feedback as well as users an ultra wide angle camera among those he said will include. Some signature design elements available on other devices, Pixel 5 XLWill also be in, but resources do not hesitate to emphasize the fact that the preliminary design has not yet been completed.


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This design that emerged today is based on 3D CAD presentations for one of three prototypes considered for Google’s next Pixel smartphone. Compatible with last two’s flagship phones or Pixel 4 a rectangular camera Among those reported to contain. For those who do not know, it is useful to make a reminder here; Google develops 3 prototypes every year and then finalizes one of the designs. In the coming days, we will continue to convey the statements made by the company to you.

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