Agcom fines Rai for 1.5 million euros


Agcom fines Rai for 1.5 million euros

The Communications Authority Rai is fined for not respecting the principles of independence, impartiality and pluralism with a 1.5 million penalty. This was communicated by AGCOM explaining that the decision was made “following constant and continuous monitoring from which numerous episodes regarding programming disseminated by the three generalist networks emerged”.
The Authority ascertained “the Rai’s failure to respect the principles of independence, impartiality and pluralism, referring to all the different social, cultural and political conditions and options, so – he explains – to guarantee the learning and development of the critical, civil and ethical sense of the community, respecting the dignity of the person, the right and duty to report , the truth of the facts and the right to be informed “.

Agcom “due to the extent and duration of the infringements, but taking into account some restorative initiatives, he decided to impose a monetary sanction of 1.5 million euros, pursuant to art. 48 paragraph 7 of the Tusmar (the Consolidated Text on the radio broadcast). With regard to the imposition of the sanction, the negative vote of Commissioner Morcellini was recorded and the abstention of Commissioner Posteraro “states the Authority.

The Council of the Authority for Communications Guarantees has verified, with two different resolutions, of which one refers to the sale of advertising space, “some violations of the service contract obligations by the concessionaire of the public broadcasting service”.

Regarding respect for the principles of independence, impartiality and pluralism, the Authority has warned the public dealership “in order to eliminate, in the validity of the 2018-2022 service contract, the violations and the effects of the ascertained infringements, adopting specific measures aimed at guaranteeing the respect of the obligations and avoiding the repetition of the violations in the future, recalling the importance of public editorial responsibility of the dealership “, underlines a note.

“In the surveillance of the public service mission, it is not the individual cases – on which the company has often implemented restorative or corrective actions – that detect but the effect that these behaviors have generated and could generate on the values ​​of the community and the rights of citizens , as well as on the value of public and social utility of the concessionary service fee “concludes Agcom.

The Authority for communications guarantees he also ascertained “unanimously, the failure to respect the principles of non-discrimination and transparency, in relation to the pricing actually applied, by the Rai concessionaire, in the sale of advertising space “, explains Agcom that”as a result, it warned Rai to immediately cease the contested conduct, also in order to allow Agcom to verify the correct use of public (fee) and private (advertising) resources for the financing of public service activities and programming “.

RAI “AMAZED” – Rai “notes with great amazement the decisions of the Council of today of the Authority which intended to censure the Public Service for alleged violations of the Service Contract, particularly in the matter of information pluralism. In reserving the right to examine in detail the provision when it will be notified, for a more complete assessment on the merits, Rai will not fail to represent the correctness of its work in the appropriate locations in accordance with the role assigned to it by the laws, including those that protect the autonomy of journalists “. This is what we read in a note in Viale Mazzini.

“The public service is always committed, even in this complex situation, in the protection of free information and in the correct representation of the debate in the country for the benefit first of all of the citizens who pay the fee, all of this always in the most scrupulous respect for the rules to which is subjected, “concludes the note.

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