Adam overtaken Falcao 10 victims in vain


Adem Büyük, who plays 3.5 million liras annually in Galatasaray, knows how to leave Falcao behind 5 goals with 9 goals, while the Colombian star’s earnings are inversely proportional to his performance.

The cost / benefit statistics of Galatasaray’s strikers Radamel Falcao and Adem Büyük are worth seeing.

32-year-old Adem Büyük, who joined the squad at the beginning of the season, was marked by 2 goals in the last cup match. The successful striker has left Falcao behind another team of the team, who aired the net 5 times with 9 goals scored under the Yellow-Red jersey this season.

According to the news of the evening; Colombian striker took part in only 15 games this season due to injury. We put the costs of the two players on the table for you and an interesting picture appeared. Here are the detailed costs of the two players;

So far, it has won a bonus of 500 thousand euros
Falcao’s annual warranty fee is 5 million euros. The Colombian star is paid in 2 installments, 3 million in 10 installments. In the contract of the 34-year-old striker, he will earn 500 thousand euros in the first 11 in 5 games, 500 thousand euros in the first 11 in 10 games, 600 thousand euros in the first 11 in 14 games, 1.6 million euros in the first 11 in 29 games in total. That is why Falcao has received a 500,000 euro bonus so far.

He gets paid for every game
Experienced name takes 35 thousand euros for each match won in UEFA organizations, 20 thousand euros for each match won in the league, and 8 thousand euros for each match won in the cup.

5 million 616 thousand euro
Falcao played in 3 matches in the Champions League, but the team failed to win. G.Saray got 2 wins in 3 matches played in the cup. With this performance, he put 16 thousand euros in his safe. Falcao, who had 5 wins in 9 games in the league, gained an additional income of 100 thousand euros. The total extra bonus cost of the 34-year-old player is 116 thousand euros. With the annual warranty fee, Falcao has gained 5 million 616 thousand euros (36 million 974 thousand TL) so far.

Falcao costs exactly 11 Adam Big costs
Adem Büyük made a 2-year signature to G.Saray at the beginning of the season. 3.5 million TL for the first year and 4 million TL for the second year. So Falcao costs exactly 11 Adam Big costs. Even Falcao’s bonuses of 616 thousand euros exceed Adam’s annual fee.

10 petty victims cut
Adem Büyük, who has recently increased his performance, cut a total of 10 petty victims on February 11 to protect against disability and evil eye. Büyük distributed the sacrificed victims to those in need. In this cup match with Alanya after this charity, Adam scored two goals in the match.

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