A prosecutor’s statement was filed against a suspect in a murder attempt in the Ramot neighborhood


On the morning of January 13, 2020, large police forces were called to the Ramot neighborhood, following a report of gunfire at the local resident, following which he was wounded and in serious condition. The police investigation led to the suspect’s identity (24, Jerusalem) in the shooting and his arrest that night for questioning on suspicion of attempted murder. In a search conducted by police on the suspect’s escape route, they were able to locate the gun used by the suspect as well as other forensic findings.

As the investigation progressed, the investigators’ suspicion that the suspect was suspected that morning followed the victim, changing his clothing several times, until the moment he committed the crime and fled the scene, apparently due to ongoing conflict. As stated, the evidence compiled by police investigators with a focused investigation of the suspect matured to the filing of the prosecutor’s statement shortly before the Magistrate’s Court, which extended the suspect’s detention until 14.2.20.

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