A new design from the inventor of the LPG car! ‘With 1 liter of gasoline …’


Halit Avcıoğlu, who was known as the inventor of the idea of ​​using LPG in automobiles in 1978, stated that he is now designing two vehicle engines, domestic and national, one of which is square piston and the other is round piston. Avcıoğlu said that with his new design, where he continues his test studies, 70 percent fuel savings will be achieved.

Halit Avcıoğlu (69), who worked as a mechanic at Tekirdağ Auto Industry Site and was recognized as the pioneer of using LPG in the car in 1978, attracted great attention at the time. Avcıoğlu, who has been working as a mechanic for years, has now designed two domestic and national vehicle engines, one with square piston and the other with round piston. Stating that 70 percent fuel will be saved with his new design that he continues his test studies, Avcıoğlu stated that he has been searching and designed a new engine for many years and said that he was surprised by the engine he had consulted.


Noting that the engine he designed was different from the known engines, Halit Avcıoğlu said, “Unlike all known engines, we will increase this 100 CC engine to 2,500 CC power and we will save 70 percent fuel while obtaining this power. There is no such design in the world. I researched this a lot. I asked the experts of this business, they were surprised. This engine will be able to travel 100 kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline. There is no carburetor, no injector in this design. This engine will evaporate and burn gasoline. It will definitely be an engine that will not create air pollution. ”


Saying that he had all the parts of the engine he designed, Avcıoğlu said, “Currently, all parts are ready for assembly works. I think we’ll hit his contact a week later. I bought a car to test the engine. After installing this engine in the car, we will rehearse ourselves by first driving. After passing all of our tests, we will apply to TÜBİTAK or whatever institution will be interested. I sincerely believe this and trust myself. So far I have spent 100 thousand liras on just one engine design. I have applied for a patent for both designs I have made and I have also received patents. This design will be a completely new invention. It will be a work that is not in the world. Also, this design will not only be used in cars. Many areas such as motorcycles, tractors, lawn machines and boats can be used, ”he said.

Stating that he always wanted to design such an engine after the idea of ​​a car with LPG, Avcıoğlu said, “I went to work abroad. I returned to Turkey and thence retire. When plenty of time after he retired, I decided to spend this design to life and I entirely invented that Turkish goods, such an engine are produced in Turkey no longer want. This is my only wish. This engine is both economical and powerful, high performance quiet and will never create air pollution. I cannot finish by explaining the features of this square piston engine. There is no such thing as circlip and nail spacing in this square piston design. It will not make a compressor to the cartel. Engine masters know that the quality of an engine, engine oil that does not make a compressor to the cartel is not damaged. If the engine oil is changed in 15-20 thousand kilometers in today’s engines, it may be necessary to change the engine oil once a year when this engine operates with full efficiency. ”


Avcıoğlu, arguing that the known engine failures will not be in the newly designed engine and will be long lasting, said: “This engine will not need repair. Just as the batteries change, they can be removed from the bag and replaced. The better the compressor of an engine, the stronger it will be. ”

Stating that his own budget will not be enough for mass production, Avcıoğlu said, “Neither my budget nor my opportunity is enough. However, we have wealthy entrepreneurs in our country. Several organizations come together to form a consortium and produce. I want to have something in my country, they show interest in this design. Of course, when it comes to life, we will win our bread. Thousands of people are eating bread from my LPG car design that I designed right now. ”

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