43 million lira resignation debate in the IMM Assembly


The question proposal by CHP İBB Assembly Member Ali Haydar Kahraman from the IMM Assembly’s parliamentary session on 13 February created a “resignation” discussion.

In the heroic proposal, he explained that the parcel owned by Esenler Municipality in the Esenler Atışalani District, which has a property of 11 thousand 454 square meters, was taken into expropriation by the IMM for the Project of Living Without Barriers.

Stating that the amount of 43 million TL was determined for expropriation in 2018, the decision was made by the IMM committee on February 12, 2019, and that expropriation was realized on February 27, 2019, “İBB gave up expropriation on June 19, 2019, 3 days before the elections. The expropriated area was returned to Esenler Municipality. In this process, IMM paid 43 million Turkish lira, which was the expropriation value, to Esenler Municipality, but when the decision was canceled, 43 million TL was not returned to the IMM. ”

Kahraman stated that this area was transferred to the Ministry of Youth and Sports on September 30, 2019. In the motion, questions regarding payments were listed between IMM and Esenler Municipality.


Esenler Mayor Tevfik Göksu, who is the AKP Group Deputy Chairman, who took the floor after the submission of the question proposal, said that IMM did not pay 43 million lira to their municipalities.

Göksu shared the following information:

* İBB made a sales transaction to purchase two separate parcels from Esenler Municipality. We took back our 11 thousand square meter parcel of which 30 million lira expropriation price was determined, when İBB gave up expropriation. For the remaining 4 thousand square meters parcel, an expropriation price of 12 million lira was determined.

* IMM paid 6 million of this to Esenler Municipality. He was offset because he would receive 4 million from us in different ways.

* For this parcel, which has been expropriated by IMM, we will get 1 million 700 thousand liras from the metropolitan area. We are urgently waiting.


Kahraman took the floor and said, “If there is no 43 million payment, I will not stop here, if there is any, he will not stay here.” Göksu also said, “Become a member of the CHP, a council member has decreased. We are waiting for the resignation of the friend ”. The question motion was passed unanimously to the presidency between the resignation discussions.

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