2021 VW Golf GTD to come with one of the most environmental engines


Volkswagen has announced that the 2021 VW Golf GTD, which will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, will have one of the most environmentally friendly engines ever. Using a system called ‘twin-dosing’, this engine is said to reduce NOX gas emission values ​​by 80%.

Volkswagen Golf GTD called diesel version, especially gasoline outside Europe GTI Although it is much less popular than its version, this version has a rooted history as much as the gasoline version. Original at this point GTI in 1975 diesel version only 7 years later when it was released 1982 Golf GTD appeared as.

As you know, due to the emission scandal of the German company in the past years, it was thought that the new version of Golf GTD will not come, but according to the latest news. new generation Mk8will appear at the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held in the coming days. The most important feature of this vehicle that will distinguish it from its predecessors is that it will take place in a Golf so far. the most environmental turbo diesel (TDI) to the engine will have.

‘The new Golf GTD will come with one of the most environmentally friendly engines ever’

Volkswagen Golf

Your New Golf the most environmentally friendly turbo diesel ever Volkswagen (TDI) will come with the engine, however, the new Golf GTD with one of the most environmentally friendly engines in the world states that he will come. If we look at these explanations, the automobile giant, with emission scandal works hard to avoid coming back again.

Volkswagen, which is quite ambitious, says this by relying on the latest 2.0 TDI engine. “Twin-dosing ‘ This engine, which uses a system called, increases the number of catalytic converters that should normally be 1 to 3, compared to the previous generation 2.0 TDI engine with NOX gas emission values. 80% It can reduce. The most striking thing at this point is that while this development is happening, the vehicle loss in performance or fuel consumption we can say that there is no increase.


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Although Volkswagen doesn’t say how much power it will provide in the new Golf GTD, 197 horsepower expected to be. If this number is correct, the new vehicle will come with an increase of 16 horsepower compared to the old model. Also considering that the torque value of the previous Golf GTD is 380 Nm, the new Golf GTD’s 400 to 450 Nm We can expect it to produce torque in the range.

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