2 for Atletico Madrid vs. Valencia


The beginning of an articleIf you ask Valencia and Atletico Madrid where their heads are, the answer is likely to be one: Champions League eighth. But even before stepping onto the main stage in Europe, the two met on Friday (Friday) for a fascinating battle of the 24th round of the Spanish League and proved what is worth the wait, in a thrilling match that ended in a 2: 2 result.

So what did we have at Mastia tonight? We got two teams in pretty much the same momentum: The Bats came in to recover from two consecutive losses, while the Chulu team won just once in its last six games. And the truth? The strong desire to win and leave the difficult time behind was felt from the first minute.
Only fifteen minutes were enough for Marcus Yoranta to get on the scoreboard. The striker utilized Gabriel’s hole in Valencia’s defense and found himself alone in front of the goalkeeper – en route to Atletico’s 0: 1. Five minutes before the break, Gabriel’s answer came. The Brazilian brake lifted Maxy Gomez’s great width ball and balanced the score – but his parity lasted only five minutes.
Just before dropping to a break, derogatory Thomas extracted a ball in the half of Valencia’s field, and kicked hard and flat into the net. Valencia did not say desperate and in the 59th minute she returned to the game again. This time it was Joffrey Condogbia’s turn to score, after an exact stationary situation. Condogavia also determined the outcome of the game and in fact left the bats in the first six, but also endangered Cholo’s fourth place. Now, Atletico can concentrate on preparations for Liverpool in the third, while Valencia will meet Atletico in the fourth.

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