Yet another Juve-Inter match. Chong in the center, United does not give up



What should Milan do with Piatek?

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Yet another Juve-Inter match. Chong in the center, United does not give up

Tahith Chong from Willemstad, rebel curls and origins of Curacao, at fifteen years to go, he had a tribune of observers following each game. Manchester United immediately won the race, in 2016 he decided to book it and in 2018 Jose Mourinho called him for the match against Juventus in the Champions League. Under 18, Under 23, the injury soon forgotten, that of Chong was a rapid race which for now has seen him play in the first team only a few times. Flashes of professionalism, drafts in the Premier League, some appearances in Europe, especially this season. But he doesn’t have the space he hoped for, so Chong thinks of farewell. For this reason it has not yet accepted the renewal.

Juve offer, Inter is there Juventus has long prepared a 2 million euro contract for Chong, meetings with his agency’s agents have been frequent and a draft contract is practically ready. Yesterday, however, Inter entered: the entourage met the management, Ausilio and Marotta try to overtake and the auction is thus upwards for one of the best baby attack exteriors in the world. What about Manchester United? British sources say that a new economic proposal for Chong will arrive shortly. A long-term technical project that will delight the player. Who will soon choose his future … – the transfer market site updated 24 hours a day

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