We haven’t seen a bigger crisis than this


In an interview with Capital Magazine, the famous business person, Abdullah Kiğılı, explained that the process was the biggest crisis, moreover, 450 shopping malls were on the verge of bankruptcy.


Abdullah Kiğılı, owner of Kiğılı, 51-year-old firm of the retail and ready-to-wear industry, made remarkable statements in an interview with Capital Magazine. “We entered the most difficult period of retail. After that, it is difficult and there is no growth anymore. There will be no new shopping malls, nor will we see new brands. new brands will come from Europe, from Turkey will come from new brands, “said Kiğılı underlined the negative statements. In particular, the demand for luxury goods increasingly turned to the reduction emphasizing the famous business people the words “How are going back for economic reasons if sales of luxury brands in the world, Turkey has no power to remove the luxury brands. Some of the arrivals will go in the near future. Remove half of foreign luxury brands from Turkey. It is impossible to shop with this expensive, with these prices, with the current system of the dollar and the Euro. ”

Let the shopping malls do well

On the other hand, the heart of the retail industry is beating in shopping malls. Commenting on the future of shopping malls, Kiğılı continued the pessimistic picture. The business person on this subject said, “Rents turned into TL, of course there is a problem. How will these debts be paid? Many of them will not be paid. Troubles began. Oddly enough, nobody gets a hair on his nose. Nobody takes his hand and lowers the rents. Today, I am putting 50 of the 500 shopping malls aside, 450 of them are in trouble. Because today we are in such a problem that the shoe market has become a mess. How many shoe brands closed. The number of shoe brands in shopping malls has decreased significantly. The same situation has now spread to men’s clothing.

The biggest crisis

He compared the current crises with the current crises and emphasized that the process passed through was the biggest crisis. Business people’s explanations are as follows; “I am having my 54th year in the industry. We are 3 people in the sector with me. The first is Osman Boyner, the second is Sait Akarlılar, the founder of Mavi, and the third is me. Nobody in the industry is older than us. We are experiencing the biggest crisis that I can see and see until this time. We have never seen a bigger crisis than this ”.

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