“Until the appointment, Marcus will not deal with Maccabi matters”


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Frankel clarified: Marcus will not deal with Maccabi matters
Frankel clarifies: Marcus will not deal with Maccabi Tel Aviv until April’s appointment (Alan Shiber) | Photo:
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With the appointment of Premier League director Adalie Marcus as the new CEO of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Chairman Shmuel Frankel sent a letter to the group leaders stating that until a practical position in April, Marcus will not take part in Maccabi’s affairs “A.

“As you have probably seen in the media, Chief Executive Adli Marcus has announced his termination of the league’s managerial position and transitioned to a management role in TA Maccabi … We will seek to use Adli for a period of overlap to allow as smooth and clean a transition as possible to a new CEO,” he wrote “During the period of overlap, Adley will not participate in any discussion, meeting, decision, interest or topic that has a touch or may have any specific implications in connection with Tel Aviv, all in consultation and guidance of the attorney general, Hagai Ashgali.”

In the coming days, the principal will set up a detection committee to interview job applicants. The committee will consist of two members of the Basketball Association and two directors from the executive. After formulating an opinion on a preferred candidate, the appointment will be submitted for approval by the board itself.

One of the directors told the sports channel that he and other directors intend to initiate a move in which the next CEOs will be set a cooling-off period where they will not be able to go directly from the manager to one of the teams, for fear of conflict of interest.

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