“Unfounded measures against the mayor”


Bibbiano, Cassation: Unfounded measures against the mayor

For the Cassation “there were no elements to impose the compulsory measure of the residence obligation against the mayor of Bibbiano Andrea Carletti“as part of the investigation illicit assignments of social services in Val d’Enza. This is what was written in the grounds of the sentence which on 3 December canceled the precautionary measure against Carletti, canceling the Bologna Review order that had replaced the house arrest with the obligation to stay.

“IS’ a great result – comments Carletti’s lawyer, Giovanni Tarquini to AdnKronos -, because it is recognized that, from the beginning, there were no conditions and reasons for the precautionary measure. Precautionary measures are a very strong tool and in fact an anticipation of the judgment and, in this case, they were a forcing “.

“It is a strong act on the part of the Cassation – he continues – because in the setting of the accusation it was believed that Carletti could condition the investigations and this is denied and it is recognized that there was no desire for collusion with the masking of illegal conduct or not to get to the truth. In fact it is quite the opposite from my client “.

Investigation activities in the ‘Angels and Demons’ investigation ended yesterday: it was a notice of conclusion of investigations was notified this morning to all 26 suspects and their defenders by the Carabinieri Investigation Unit of the Provincial Command of Reggio Emilia. As a note from the Reggio Emilia prosecutor Marco Mescolini says, “the position of four suspects has been omitted, one of which has already been filed and accepted for filing.”

“All the charges were contested, many of which were further integrated in the description of the fact, in relation to which the investigating judge had issued the precautionary measure of 27 June 2019,” recalls the prosecutor, together with “those for whom, also after that date, a “disqualification measure was issued on three occasions.

‘”The massive preliminary investigation carried out after the execution of the precautionary measure, through the examination of additional people informed on the facts, the new technical consultancy carried out, the interrogations given by some of the suspects, specially corroborated by targeted feedback, and not least the analysis of the IT and document material in seizure also following some hearings before the investigating judge and in contradictory between the parties (when requesting release from seizure and / or making forensic copies of the contents of the IT material in seizure even in an accident evidence) – the public prosecutor of Reggio Emilia said – has allowed not only to confirm the accusatory hypotheses already recognized by the investigating judge in the precautionary phase, to integrate the evidentiary framework in relation to some not recognized by the investigating magistrate during the measurement issue and also to identify new cases “.

“A phase is now open in contradiction with the suspects and their defenders who will be able to exercise the rights provided for in article 415 bis of the Code of Criminal Procedure within 20 days”, concludes the prosecutor adding that “after this phase, the owner of the investigation, having assessed the any new elements, will decide its position in relation to the request for indictment. ”

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