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The time has come to ask the famous “uncle of America” ​​for a favor. Yes, because in the United States the sale at low prices of All-Clad, the famous range of stainless steel pots, still for three days available at about half price. If you are a chef or foodies you probably already know the brand.

Among the brands preferred by chefs and experienced home cooks, All-Clad produces some of the best stainless steel kitchen utensils on the market: the multi-starred Thomas Keller it even has its own line, the TK.

The reason why the stainless steel cookware of All-Clad they are so popular is their structure: they are completely coated with seven layers of different metals, which are fused together to exploit the strengths of each material. For example, stainless steel is a non-reactive and resistant metal, but it is a bad heat conductor. Aluminum and copper, on the other hand, are better heat conductors, but they are – at the same time – softer and more reactive metals. Cladding it means stratifying these metals, ending with a stainless steel surface, so as to create a stronger and more robust pot or pan, which is also an excellent heat conductor.

The pieces of the All-Clad high-end can reach $ 300, but there are several models on sale with about 40-60% discount. If shelling out $ 100-150 for a single pan may seem like a lot, remember that there is a lifetime warranty on all the pieces All-Clad – and in reality it is a small investment for a product that will last you practically forever.

So if you’re ready to jump, take a look at these All-Clad you could get your hands on:

From the All-Clad Copper Core line

8 Inch Copper Core Pan $ 99.99 (From $ 180)

Copper Core 4 Qt or 5 Qt – Frying pan with lid $ 200 (from $ 385-450)

The top of the range All-Clad is the line Copper Core which has a five-layer coated structure (external in stainless steel, aluminum, copper core, aluminum, internal cooking surface in 18/10 stainless steel). Copper represents the best heat conductor, and this five-layer construction is practically indestructible, made for professional kitchens. If the pan or the saucepan are pots that you use frequently, the advice is to save on the rest of the set and invest in a good pan that you will use forever.

From the stainless steel line

8 or 12 inch stainless steel pan $ 60-100 (from $ 110-195)

2-Qt stainless steel pot, non-stick $ 99.95 (from $ 205)

8-Qt non-stick pan in stainless steel $ 169.99 (from $ 355)

10 piece non-stick cookware set in stainless steel $ 650 (from $ 1400)

The line All-Clad stainless steel is the most popular line. This high-performance line has a lower price than the copper-coated line and is the preferred one, both by professionals and by expert home cooks.

The Stainless line, in stainless steel, has a three-layer structure: external in induction stainless steel, aluminum core and internal cooking surface in 18/10 stainless steel.

From the D5 Brushed line to the D5 Brushed 3-Qt for $ 120 (from $ 285)

12 inch D5 Brushed pan for $ 90 ($ 215)

Pot D5 Brushed 8 Qt for $ 170 (from $ 445)

The “brushed” line Brushed D5 by All-Clad it has a structure with five alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum. Finished with a brushed magnetic stainless steel surface, the D5 pans are also excellent heat conductors, durable and easy to clean.

If you crave one of these pots, all you have to do is contact your “uncle of America” ​​and give him this link to buy them at discounted prices. You still have three days.

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