the mother watches over the body and continues to retire


For about nine months he watched over the son 50 years old, deceased for natural causes for nine months, continuing to withdraw his pension from 900 EUR every month. After being discovered, one woman 73-year-old was then sued by the Treviso, at the conclusion of the investigations coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The story dates back to May, when the other daughter of the woman, who lives in Milan, unable to get in touch with the family and worried about the health of her brother, a seriously disabled person, decided to contact the police and leave from Milan. At the front door, together with the police officers, the daughter struggles to get the door opened by her mother.

Eventually, after several attempts, he enters and together with the agents, he faces a scene spine-chilling: the body mummified of his brother in bed, which medical tests reveal died nine months earlier of natural causes. In the house a large disorder, garbage and excrements everywhere. The investigations of the investigators of the Mobile Squad discover how in all this time, however, the mother has regularly withdrawn her child’s pension from the post office, and for this reason the old woman has been reported for fraud to the State and concealment of a corpse.


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