Smog, the emergency widens: in Rome stop all diesel, blocks also in Turin and Florence


From Rome to Turin, from Monza to Florence, the scourge of fine dust beyond the limits of the law remains an unresolved issue for many municipal administrations. Who, faced with the cold numbers of the PM10, are forced to resort to extreme solutions. Such as blocking the most polluting cars and limiting heating systems.

The consequences of the hottest second December since 1800 – according to Coldiretti on the basis of Isac Cnr data – are mainly bringing Turin to its knees, where the red alert could turn into purple, the most critical level, given that in the coming days no improvements are expected. That is, no precipitation. “The situation has not improved and if the high pressure continues on Friday we would have to go to the purple level – said the councilor for the environment of the Municipality of Turin Alberto Unia – It would also mean stopping all Euro5 diesel engines from 7.30 to 20” . To meet the citizens of the Piedmont Region Councilor for the Environment, Matteo Marnati proposed to “use the revenue from fines to allow the Turin citizens to move for free on block days”. Unias reply immediately. “Welcome to Marnati’s proposal, but we need the resources to be able to do it – he highlighted – If the region is able to support us and give us the necessary funds, we are talking about 500 thousand euros every two days of public transport, we would be delighted to accept them and propose this suspension of payment to Gtt. Nobody likes to touch traffic, it is exactly the opposite of what a politician wants. It is anti-electoral, but we must do what we can with the tools we have at this precise moment for citizens’ health “.

The situation in Tuscany was also delicate. In addition to Florence, overruns have also been reported in Prato, Lucca and Pisa. In the Tuscan capital, the blockage of the most polluting vehicles was arranged from Tuesday to Saturday included, as well as a series of anti-smog orders.

In order to remedy the problem, the ecological Sundays return to the capital: this weekend the first is scheduled, but two more are arriving in February as well as one in March. In the meantime, however, an ordinance by the mayor Virginia Raggi in Rome has imposed a stop to all private diesel vehicles, including Euro6, from 7.30 to 10.30 and from 16.30 to 20.30, within the green belt.

The level of guarding also rises in Lombardy. In Milan, on the seventh consecutive day with average values ​​of Pm10 above the limit, the first level temporary measures are confirmed, which will also be introduced in Monza and Cremona on Tuesday. The first level measures concern traffic (limitations for vehicles up to Euro 4 diesel in urban areas, mandatory shutdown of parked engines), domestic heating (limitation on the use of wood biomass generators of a class of less than 2 stars included, 1 degree reduction in temperatures in homes), agriculture (ban on spreading livestock slurry) and absolute ban on outdoor combustion (lighting of fires, bonfires, barbecues, fireworks).


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