Smog, in Milan “alarming situation: we are in an emergency”. The Municipality anticipates tomorrow the second level bans


“We are in a smog emergency and the sequence of exceeding the limit levels of Pm10 in the air is alarming”: to say it without words is the Councilor for Mobility of the Municipality of Milan Marco Granelli. Announcing: the second level anti-smog measures of the ‘Air Protocol’ of the Lombardy Region are brought forward by two days. Tomorrow Wednesday 15 January, therefore, the additional measures will be taken: vehicle stop vehicles for people up to Euro 4 and freight transport (commercial vehicles) up to Euro 3 from 8.30 to 18.30 also on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and freight transport (commercial vehicles) Euro 4 from 8.30 to 12.30 from Monday to Sunday, including holidays. The ordinance also provides for a ban on the use of domestic heat generators fueled by wood biomass (in the presence of an alternative heating system) with energy and environmental performance that are not able to comply with the values ​​provided for at least the 4-star class. These measures are in addition to those of the first level (limitations for vehicles up to Euro 4 diesel in urban areas, mandatory shutdown of parked engines, limitation of the use of wood biomass generators of a class of less than 2 stars included, reduction of 1 degree of temperatures in homes, prohibition of spreading livestock slurry and absolute prohibition of outdoor combustion such as lighting fires, bonfires, barbecues, fireworks) and the prohibitions of Area B.

Smog alarm in Milan, Pm10 above the threshold

For eight consecutive days in Milan there have been average values ​​of Pm10 above the limits. A trend that was already following a negative sequence, with one exceeding the thresholds in seven of the previous eight days. Considering the forecasts of Arpa, which are still favorable today for the accumulation of pollutants, the Municipality has decided to bring forward the measures of the second level envisaged by the “Regional Protocol on air quality” by two days to combat the spread of fine dust, which normally they only trigger on the tenth consecutive day of exceeding the daily limit of Pm10 of 50 micrograms per cubic meter and which are activated only on Tuesday or Friday following the last Arpa survey. According to the Arpa bulletin, the particulate matter recorded yesterday by all the control units active in the city was between 74 and 89 micrograms per cubic meter against 50 of the maximum threshold.”It is clear to everyone that the extraordinary measures are not a solution to the problem of dust accumulation in the most critical periods of the year – continues the commissioner -. Structural measures are needed. Since last year we have activated Area B, the large LTZ that progressively keeps the most polluting vehicles outside the city but it is important in the critical phases to give a stronger signal We ask the Region to deal with the smog emergency in a structural way, with effective measures with aid to citizens and businesses for the change of the circulating park and more resources for public transport, unfortunately these resources have been reduced in 2020. We are in a geographically complicated area and more needs to be done: Government, Region and European Union help us “.

Smog, Legambiente to Mayor Sala: “Prohibit the circulation of SUVs”

“We ask the metropolitan mayor of Milan, as guarantor of the health of citizens, to introduce emergency measures that, in pollution situations such as the one we are experiencing, prohibit the circulation of SUVs and other heavy cars, of any engine”: so in an open letter to the mayor Sala Legambiente Lombardia, after, writes the environmentalist association led by Barbara Meggetto, “19 days have passed since, in Milan and in the cities of the ‘lower’ Lombardy, people began to breathe continuously air with levels of fine particles on average double that of what European legislation considers tolerable for human health “. Hence the request for urgent measures that put a stop to the movement of SUVs and other heavy cars, “setting the limit at 1.2 tons”, because, notes Legambiente citing IEA data, “it is a priority to counteract weight growth, as well as the number of vehicles in circulation “. And in the event that, continues Meggetto, “the situation should continue to be critical”, the action of the Municipality should be “to get to order the complete blocking of traffic, not only in the city, but throughout the metropolitan area “. Legambiente’s request is also to “stabilize this emergency measure in drawing up the” air-climate plan “, alongside the necessary stiffening as regards parking, so that it is clear that in the environmental and climatic choices of the city of Milan there is no space for SUVs “.

Anti-smog measures in Monza and Cremona

From today, the first level temporary measures have been taken in the municipalities with more than 30,000 inhabitants and in those participating on a voluntary basis in the provinces of Monza and Cremona. Considering Arpas forecasts, still favorable to the accumulation of pollutants with a tendency to switch to neutral conditions for the next few days, as foreseen by the activation protocol, the first level temporary measures are introduced starting tomorrow in the Municipalities concerned in the province of Monza (6 consecutive days with values ​​of Pm10 above the limit) and Cremona (4 consecutive days with values ​​of Pm10 above the limit). If a value below the threshold is recorded together with weather forecasts with conditions favorable to the dispersion of pollutants or values ​​below the threshold for two consecutive days, temporary measures can be deactivated.


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