Smog emergency, let’s start washing the streets to try to break down fine particles


Street washing to combat smog. After years of requests, and related controversies on effectiveness, the city of Turin also tries the way of street washing to eliminate fine particles in the air. This was announced by the Councilor for the Environment, Alberto Unia, explaining that from this morning Amiat, the company that deals with waste collection and cleaning, has today launched an extraordinary road washing plan to verify any effects on the presence of dust in the ‘air. “We carry out this service while being aware that it will be able to limit the resuspension of fine particles to a very limited extent, as already found in previous experiments – explains Unia – Any action aimed at reducing dust is still useful, but it is necessary that each of us contributes with the their choices and possibilities by changing something in their lifestyle and by collaborating in reducing emissions “.At the moment, favor the main arteries, the routes of great traffic. The intervention has now started thanks to the milder temperatures, thus avoiding that the water poured into the street turns into ice, and will continue compatibly with the temperatures and weather conditions. The fact that the emergency pollution is a serious problem, and that the sword of Damocles of the EU infringement and those exposed in the prosecutor’s office hangs over the administrators, is also demonstrated by the choice to suspend the use of the “shower heads” to remove the leaves. “To avoid the lifting of masses of dust, Amiat operators will not use the shower heads in the next few days to collect dry leaves – let know from Palazzo Civico – whose use will be limited to markets, where, moreover, soil washing is frequent, and in a few other exceptional cases “.


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