Slapped and offended children, teacher suspended in Matera – Chronicle


Offended and threatened children, children forced to face the wall and hit several times, even “with two-handed slaps”. These are the accusations hypothesized by the police against a 64-year-old teacher from a kindergarten in Matera for which the investigating magistrate issued a suspension order for 6 months. The teacher is accused of aggravated mistreatment of minors, documented through audio and video interception.

According to what the police ascertained, the woman addressed children with “offensive epithets”. Whenever he had to reprimand them he would shout and hit the desk several times with a wand “at the cry of ‘order and discipline'”.

The children were also tugged, threatened and forced to face the wall. The “repeated conduct of physical and moral violence – investigators and investigators argue – have undermined the psycho-physical integrity of all the young pupils”, to the point that, even in their homes, when the parents approached to kiss or caress them, ” instinctively “they protected their faces with their hands.


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