Sixth, assault on the police station after the arrest of a relative: block 3 women


they took a run in the square of parking outside the barracks. Then yes they are launched against the metal fence with the aim of bringing it down, perhaps for encourage the escape of their relative. It’s really amazing what happened around this night at 4 in the barracks of the Sesto San Giovanni Carabinieri Company, where a group of three nomadic women of Bosnian origin, they risked giving life to a real one urban battle.

A couple of hours earlier the Sesto military had stopped a 26 year old man, di Bosnian origin, prejudiced, that was clandestine result. The man had already been expelled from the national territory in November 2019 with a provision from the Turin police headquarters, but evidently he had returned to Italy where he had lived clandestinely until now. In custody, he was in the barracks waiting to be restarted on expulsion and had asked family members to bring him some clothes for the days he would spend in immigration facilities. They are in the barracks introduce three women, the 52-year-old mother, sister and wife of the arrested man, arrived aboard a white “Iveco” van. During the night they handed over the material to the military on guard. Then yes they are crowded into the parking lot where they stayed stopped for almost two hours.

Around 4 oclock the carabinieri observed the van with the lights on and flashing. He had imagined that they wanted to show their presence to the young man on guard in the barracks, but nobody would have imagined that they were planning a demonstration reaction following the arrest of the child. Suddenly the van was set in motion and was thrown against the fence. A metal fence three meters high and reinforced. Nevertheless they managed to break through it, but not to enter so in the military area. If it had not been for the cold blood of the police on guard in the barracks, their crazy gesture would have turned into a tragedy. Instead, the military came out in a few moments and have surrounded women, without firing a shot. This is anything but obvious, in the face of what could be considered a real attack.

The three women have been stranded. The driver, or the mother of the illegal immigrant, was arrested on charges of damaging military structures. The traffic police carried out the surveys to independently establish the dynamics of the assault. Apparently the nomad family had been staying for some months by camping in vans between the outskirts of Sesto San Giovanni and Cinisello Balsamo. The bewilderment remains for a gesture so insane as to be incomprehensible, which however denotes a very worrying element: these are people who, in order to guarantee their interests, are ready even for the most reckless gesture.

Article editing by ROSARIO PALAZZOLO for il


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