“Ready for this new challenge, with Gigio …”


MILAN – Milan have a replacement for Jose Reina, who went on loan to the Aston Villa court yesterday until the end of the season. Asmir Begovic in fact, he landed in Milan yesterday and released a few minutes ago some statements to the Milan TV portal:

ON THE CHOICE TO COME TO MILAN – “I chose Milan because it’s a great challenge for me, I’m in one of the best clubs in the world, with a fantastic history, incredible fans and important ambitions”. For him, it is a first time in Italy and in Serie A after a decade of experience in the Premier League: “After so many years in England I was ready to try a new championship and a new country. I am very excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get started. ”

ABOUT DONNARUMMA – “Gigio is the best young goalkeeper in the world, I am ready to help him and compete with him. It is an honor for me to be here. He is already very strong, he certainly does not need my advice, but I will try to help him by comparing him with him every day in training, to bring out his best and mine too “.

ON YOUR ACCOUNT – I am a goalkeeper who thinks he can guarantee solidity, reliability and experience. If I have to think of the flaws that distinguish me, I am reminded of my being big and the fact that sometimes I get angry too easily. I think I’m ready for this new challenge after spending many years in England.

ON THE PLAYER THAT INSPIRES HIM – AC Milan has many legends and many are the ones that inspired me. I think of Abbiati, Dida and Marco Amelia. They are incredible players that I have followed for many years. Then there are others who have made the history of this club, such as Sheva, Maldini, Pirlo.

ABOUT REINA – It is an honor to be here for me. It is even more so if we consider the fact that I take the place of a great goalkeeper like Reina, who besides this is also a fantastic person. I know what all the fans expect and I don’t want to disappoint them.

ON ITALY – I think Italy is a fantastic country. It has a great football culture and loves this sport so much. For history, tradition and ambitions, there is no better club in the world than Milan.

ON HIS GOAL FROM DOOR TO DOOR – Yes it was a game with Stoke City. At the beginning, I was surprised too, I didn’t think I could ever score such a goal. Today, when I think about it, I can think of how fantastic and rare that moment was in the history of football. In short, it was a magical moment that I will remember all my life.

ON THE OBJECTIVES – I hope to play for many years, with great health and great luck. After football, however, I don’t know what I will do. At the moment I am open to everything and I will see accordingly when the time comes.

ON IBRAHIMOVIC – For me, working with Ibrahimovic means a lot. He is an incredible player, an incredible person, an incredible leader. I think he’s one of those footballers who pushes you to give your best in every single training. He can make a huge difference on his own and I want to learn a lot from him. CLICK HERE>Meanwhile, it is a break between Milan and Suso: is the transfer coming?


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