MS Ashdod supports the meeting, Avi Nesher comes out against the club


The Ashdod Sports Club said: “First, we are grieving the pain of the Nesher family and expressing deep sorrow for their loss. As a family club and embracing even the toughest and least good moments, we will continue to stand alongside the Aspa family and Isaac.

Photo by Shahar Gross, courtesy of ONE website

Since the tragic and difficult case, the Ashdod Sports Club has been working among teens in a variety of educational and social activities both on and off the road, with caution on the road, careful driving on the roads to prevent further incidents that we hope will never happen. ”

During the day, the group will hold a consultation and discussion on how to conduct the meeting until he enters the prison, which is currently the end of February if no appeal and rejection is received.

So far, M.S. Ashdod as usual with the player, who trained in the ranks and played in her games and last Saturday even opened in the lineup with Maccabi Tel Aviv. Now after sentencing, Jackie Ben Old and coach Ren Ben Shimon are expected to speak and decide whether Assaf will continue as usual in the activity or will it be discontinued.

“Isaac is an integral part of the group but now the reality has changed and he understands it,” explained a club member. “It’s not a simple situation for everyone involved, there is a complexity here and Jackie as someone who runs the club will have to make a decision. It’s hard for the whole dressing room. ”

Meanwhile, Avi Nesher, the late Ari’s father, attacked the behavior of the footballer and his team MS Ashdod: “This person has dragged us for a year and a half into the unbelievable lies and delusions of slick lawyers,” said Nesher.

Photo by Shahar Gross, courtesy of ONE website

“I want to tell CS Ashdod – In the world there is a standard that a person accused of crime is excluded from a sports team because the company is supposed to send an educational message. Ms Ashdod raises her assembly in the months after he was convicted, and broadcasts to the general public that it is okay to abandon, which is not important. That such a responsible person cannot come among us, certainly not in Israeli society. We know that we do not leave wounded on the ground. ”

Meanwhile, Ashdod is facing a roster problem after it emerged that midfielder Samuel Alabi would need a month’s rest due to a recent shoulder discharge. Connection Shlomi Azoulay continues to suffer from hip flexor and it is unclear how many minutes he can play due to this problem.

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