Moshe Gaffney: Netanyahu is made of steel, none of us would stand it


Gaffney at the Municipal Corporation Association Conference

Gaffney at the Municipal Corporation Association ConferencePhoto: Doron Sahar

MK Finance Minister Moshe Gaffney’s chairman hosted a meeting at the Herods Hotel Association Eilat on Tuesday (Tuesday) and expressed his understanding of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision to withdraw the request for immunity.

“I thought and told the prime minister that the allegations should come and deal, but he decided not because there is a majority to remove immunity and I respect that. It is better to give up in advance,” Gaffney noted.

Speaking about the continued Netanyahu term in the shadow of the indictments, Gaffney said, “I am Bibi’s partner and not zealous with this matter. I don’t think the past 35 years have been as good a prime minister as he is.”

“I don’t rest with the indictments but I go with him. It’s made of steel, none of us would stand it,” Gaffney added.

Gaffney emphasized that the veto on a partnership with Yair Lapid Musir and existed, “White Blue has less experience. The good of the country will not go with Yair Lapid.

On the confrontation with Lieberman, a former partner, Gaffney said, “I have enacted 117 laws in the Knesset, I cannot say that I have no resumption. Yvette Lieberman cannot come to say that he did, even the bad things he did not do. Which is convenient for him. He will only do what he pays. ”

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