Milan, Pioli: ‘Italian Cup goal. New hierarchies? Whoever puts commitment and professionalism ‘| Other leagues Italy


The technician from Milan Stefano Pioli presents the challenge of the Italian Cup with Spal to the club’s official channels: “Our fans never deny, their support and passion are accompanying us and have accompanied us in delicate moments, we also have a duty towards them best interpret this game “.NO VICTORY AT HOME – “Unfortunately we have collected too few victories in front of our fans, matches that had to be unlocked in situations where we could bring home the victory. Now we have to present ourselves about present and future, about tomorrow’s game that is important and that we care about”.

CAGLIARI – “We played as a team, determined, lucid, we made the right choices and we opposed each other with the same aggression and the same strength that Cagliari can put into home games. We hit at the right time, we were a concrete and effective team : on this team we have to build our future, these are the characteristics that we missed a bit in the past and that now must be very present in our performance “.

CAN 4-4-2 CHANGE HIERARCHIES? – “Players must demonstrate every day that they can be chosen for the next game, it is clear that the change of game system may have given more space to other characteristics. Who is ready, who gives availability, commitment, professionalism is certainly one extra card you can play. ”

OBJECTIVES FOR 2020 – “We have an appointment that is the final goal, to arrive in May with a better ranking than this moment. 25 points after a first round are not enough booty for Milan, clear that our goal is to do in the group of I return many more points to climb positions, to perform better, to try to play for Milan. Then the balance is made only at the end. We have to play with quality because we have the possibility of making a better return group than the first leg. ”

ITALY CUP – “It’s a competition, even more since it allows you to go and play in Europe with the victory. The demonstration is that all the great clubs also focus on this competition. We are a great club, we have great history, therefore the Cup Italy becomes an important goal. But it is useless to look too far ahead, let’s think about the passage of tomorrow night’s round: we play against a team that is having difficulties in results but not in performance, in Florence he did not deserve to lose so a difficult match awaits us, we will have to be prepared. ”

TURNOVER – “The evaluations will be done at 360 °. We left Cagliari with excellent morale but with many problems, many players had minor injuries and I don’t know if we will be able to recover them for tomorrow. But the team will be competitive and the best possible, the which means maybe to have cooler players for tomorrow “.


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