Mexico, takes on a bull stimulant and has a 3-day erection: emergency operation


A drug used by farmers to stimulate bulls – The surgery was carried out at Specialist Hospital 270, on the border with the United States, where the man, whose identity was not disclosed, arrived with severe pain. It was he who confessed to the doctors that he was taking a drug that the farmers in the area used to stimulate the bulls for insemination.

900 km to buy the stimulant – The man, moreover, has done well 900 kilometers to go to Veracruz to obtain the aforementioned drug, which in his intentions should have “helped” him in the relationship with a young woman but which, in reality, caused him unimaginable pain. It is an emergency operation. In short, in addition to the damage, the prank or, given that we are talking about bulls, horned and hammered.


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